Saturday, July 2, 2011

NMA Seniors: Summer Assignment

NMA Seniors (Yes, you're seniors now):

As I explained to you twice during the last week of school, you have a summer assignment.

To make sure you keep sharp on your filmmaking and storytelling skills, your assignment is to watch and summarize all 20 episodes of the 2 Reel Guys podcast.

Type up all your summaries in a Google Docs document and share it with me as soon as you get started. Each summary should be a few sentences, but no more than a paragraph.

If Norman & Larry publish any more episodes in the next two months, watch and summarize those ones too.

For most of you, a lot of these podcasts will cover material you are very familiar with. A good review never hurt anyone though. All new information you learn from these podcasts is essential for your success this school year.

If you want to hit the ground running with our Avid Media Composer training this Fall, I urge you to start watching these official tutorials videos from Avid.

Have a great summer!