Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lighting Terms

NMA Juniors & Seniors

CLICK HERE for a link to a list of all the lighting terms you're going to need to know for the upcoming quiz.

Watch these videos:
How To Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Film, Video and Photography
Otis College Presents Gripology 101: The C-Stand
The Assembly and Operation of a Kino-Flo 4Bank

For additional support on defining these terms, here are some books you will find very helpful.

The Grip Book
Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Story Starters: 38 Ways to Beat the Blank Page

  1. Describe something that happened while riding a bicycle.
  2. Recall a time when you got in trouble.
  3. Describe an incident at a movie theater.
  4. What is one kind of art that intrigues you? Why?
  5. Tell about something you did that was “out of character.”
  6. Describe a way that you and your family were affected by war.
  7. If you had to give away a large sum of money, who would you give it to and why?
  8. Tell about an incident that something to do with water.
  9. Describe something your parents did for fun.
  10. Describe a fad from the decade you were born.
  11. Tell about a time when someone held your hand.
  12. Tell about an incident when you couldn’t stop laughing.
  13. Describe one of your first girlfriends or boyfriends.
  14. Tell about a move you made from one place to another.
  15. What is an experience that you would consider close to a miracle.
  16. Tell about a famous person you have met.
  17. Describe your first experience living away from home.
  18. Describe visiting or living on a farm or ranch.
  19. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
  20. Describe your most frightening moment.
  21. Write a page of apologies.
  22. Write a page in which something is broken.
  23. Write a page about a jinx.
  24. Write a page that takes place in the woods.
  25. Write a page about being too cold or too hot.
  26. Write a page about taking your time.
  27. Write a page in which someone kills something by accident.
  28. Write a page in which a child comforts an adult.
  29. Write a page about something you wish you didn’t know.
  30. Write a page about something you regret revealing.
  31. What’s your greatest joy in life?
  32. Do you have a big regret?
  33. What’s one thing you always thought mattered, but really doesn’t?
  34. What’s love all about anyway?
  35. What advice do you wish someone had given you earlier?
  36. What’s the best meal you ever had?
  37. Where does god, fate, or luck figure into things?
  38. Is there a key to your happiness?