Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Junior Project Reflection

NMA Sooniors

Now that your Catalyst for Change project is complete, it's time to have a postmortem. We'll be doing this in several parts, starting with today's assignment.

  • Click here to read a blog entry from filmmaker.com on student films, why they suck, and some specific tropes that are commonly seen in the films by novice filmmakers.
  • Create a document in your Video Assignments folder titled Catalyst Reflection Part 2.
  • In the document, list the student film tropes that are present in the project you just completed. For each trope in your movie, explain how and why it was used in your project. Also, speculate on why those specific tropes are so common in student films.
  • Bonus topic: What was your favorite part of making the movie?
This is due at the end of class today (Tue. Jun 7).