Sunday, April 20, 2014

Royalty Free Music!

For those of you sick of using the Soundtrack Pro loops.
Royalty-Free Music: Typically refers to music that you can use in perpetuity once you’ve paid a single license fee. (Licensing > Terms of Use, Rate Card) (Rate Card > Music Blanket License) (FAQ: Is this music free to use?)

Source: realdf

If you're looking for classical music, check out


  1. There have been issues lately with lawsuits from music companies offering free music. Suing people claiming that the music the person downloaded wasn't free music. Colleges are warning students not to download free music anymore. It is upsetting to us this is happening and should be a concern to everyone in the business. Join us in solving this problem.

    We have a free music category with several music tracks available for those who can't afford or don't have the ability to buy online. We work with universities and schools to provide royalty-free music for students. More Free music tracks become available every month.

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