Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Write your Bios

NMA Juniors

Today, it's time to write your bios. Sign in to your Google Drive and open the team's Narrative Proposal document. In there, you will write your bio. Please include your team role.

So, you're a student and don't have much production experience, eh? That's okay, say so! That's your current occupation, "Student at Hollywood High School".

List all the NMA projects you've worked on since 9th grade and what your role was in it.

What do you want your career to be? What do you aspire to? Put it in there.

Are there any extra-curricular activities that you have been consistently been a part of that you are proud of that says something about your character? Add that, too!

It shouldn't take you a whole 50 minutes to write it, so make sure it's polished up and that your teammates have proofread it.

The post below this one has an example and a link with tips for writing your bio.

- A. Manriquez

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